Skin Cycling 101

Skin Cycling 101

The viral TikTok skincare trend is going global and we love it!

Skin cycling might have a catchy new name and four easy-to-follow steps, but essentially it's a way of caring for your skin that our skin pros have been recommending for years, so we fully support this trend.

Want to learn more? Here's the lowdown:

What is skin cycling?

Skin cycling is a method of using various active ingredients in a rotational manner that is tailored to your needs. Some people gradually increase the number of active ingredients they do each week, while others prefer to have rest nights. Here's an example:

Night 1: Cleanse, chemical exfoliation, moisturize.
Night 2: Cleanse, apply retinol, moisturize.
Night 3: Cleanse, apply non-active serum and moisturize.
Night 4: Cleanse, apply non-active serum and moisturize.

And repeat.

This gradual approach to chemical exfoliation and retinol ensures that the skin is not overwhelmed with potent ingredients and allows for sufficient recovery time. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who are new to retinol or have sensitive skin. We like that it promotes the bedrock steps of cleansing and caring for the skin barrier. You can personalize your skin cycling routine by adjusting the number of active nights based on your skin's needs. Personalized skin advice from a professional will help you to hit your skin goals faster. Take advantage of the opportunity to connect with one of our pros and discover how to make skin cycling work for your specific needs and lifestyle.

Why should I try skin cycling?

We strongly believe in the power of both chemical exfoliation and retinoid products. Retinol, in particular, has been clinically proven to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles caused by the depletion of collagen. This routine gently introduces both active ingredients.

How to do Night 1

It’s always important to cleanse your skin to remove all the day's debris. Tiny particles of pollution and other harmful substances can cling to and damage our skin, not just makeup and SPF. Cleansing is a non-negotiable daily step. Next up, it's time to apply your chemical exfoliant. This product contains an active acid that breaks down the bonds that keep dead skin cells attached to the face and body. Skin looks brighter after a single application. Crucially, it also becomes easier for the skin to absorb more active ingredients. That's why it's the step before retinol; it prepares the skin for improved results with retinol.

Blemish-prone skin? Speak to your pro about our Bright & Clear Solution, which gently exfoliates with a combination of lactic acid, salicylic acid, and caviar lime. Our Enzymatic Peel is suitable for most skin types. It exfoliates using 10% lactic acid and natural fruit enzymes. Exfoliating chemically promotes skin renewal, improves skin texture and brightens the skin.

Finally, it’s time to rehydrate with a serum or moisturizer. Give your exfoliant time to sink into skin and do its magic; it might tingle a little – once it subsides – smooth on your rich and soothing moisturizer. You’ll love HydraDew 's blend of sodium hyaluronate and shea butter if you have drier skin, or HydraLight's blend of hyaluronic acid and niacinamide if you have oilier skin.

Skin cycling is about your evening routine, but that doesn't mean you should ditch your morning cleanse, moisturizer and SPF. Just a little reminder for anyone getting overexcited: There's a whole day to get through before we reach ...

How to do Night 2

Start by cleansing again, because as we’ve just reminded ourselves,a whole day will have passed with various events and enriching activities. We hope you drank your 2.5 liters of water, have more hydration over here and your skin is feeling resilient and bouncy. Now it's time to apply your retinol. This is a point where we highly recommend working with a skincare professional to determine the best strength for you. Retinol has a reputation as an irritant, but our microencapsulated form ensures that the active ingredient is wrapped up and released slowly and gently throughout the night. Meaning, you get all the benefits without adverse side effects. And wow, the benefits! Regular use of retinol will kick-start the skin and help reduce the appearance of almost every skin ailment, including lines, wrinkles and discoloration. It also has an exfoliating effect, which means it can be beneficial to blemish-prone skin.

We can leave you to figure out cleansing and moisturizing on nights 3 and 4, then return to night 1. This simple method of rotating your active ingredients is a clever way to maintain a balanced skincare routine. Additionally, applying a serum or moisturizer every evening will contribute to keeping your skin barrier strong, smooth, and well-protected. This skincare routine is in moderation and serves as a great starting point. The key to any good skincare routine is consistency. So, if skin cycling appeals to you, you have our professional blessing to give it a try!

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